Unfortunately Sweet Suitcase lost everything on its site several months ago. We’ve been struggling to get it restored since it contained four years of international travel, informational articles on travel, photographs from all over the world, and truly independent travel product reviews.

But when a web host company goes dark overnight with no notice to its customers and no way to track it down. Well. There isn’t much a client can do but start over.

The importance of off-site storage for websites now underscored, we’ve learned a hard lesson and are moving forward.


Take a look at these great guided trips that are available. We know the tour (and UNtour) organizers, quite well, and these are great travel opportunities.

For solo travelers, couples, or friends traveling together, by all means take a look at the wide range of luxury tours offered at THE ELITE SET. They offer international tours, domestic tours in the USA, and specialty tours like Celestial Tours…one coming soon is a trip to see the Northern Lights in the dark sky Yukon Territory of Canada.

If you fall into the “a little silver somewhere” set and want to travel but are hesitant to travel internationally alone or just don’t like the ordinary pace of most tour tours, by all means take a look at UNTOURING WITH MIMI. These trips are limited to six travelers in a group and are aimed at “fully grown” women. For 2023 most of the trips are in France, the USA, or Canada, but upcoming trips will include Portugal, England, Scotland, and Ireland as well.

And finally, if you are interested in specialty tours like motorcycle tours, by all means check out ELITE MOTORCYCLE TOURS. These people have specialized in luxury international motorcycle tours for more than a decade. And their upcoming Road to Sturgis tour running from Las Vegas to the Sturgis bike rally goes through absolutely the finest scenery in the country.

We’ll be back in full soon.

To bring you the very best independent travel product reviews you can find on the web.

You can always trust our stamp of approval.

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